Asset Investment Management

EA Technology’s Asset Investment Management (AIM) software builds on the proven CBRM 2.0 platform. Our heritage and experience derives from  delivering Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) solutions globally and the development and delivery of Great Britain’s CNAIM (Common Network Asset Indices Methodology).

AIM is specifically designed to provide financial, operational and engineering leadership with a common understanding of the benefits/risks in any plan to replace ageing assets and justify investment proposals to stakeholders and regulators.

AIM is used to calibrate and validate available asset data, enabling the utility to prioritise capital spending to align with corporate strategies and make prudent investments.

The AIM products are licenced and supported to ensure our user communities benefits from the investment, development and the technical experience of the EA Technology team of asset investment and risk specialists.

AIM Brochure

AIM Energex Case Study

AIM MJEC Case Study

AIM Reliance Infrastructure Limited Case Study

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