Innovation Strategy Development

Devising innovative strategy to help our customers adapt to meet network challenges whilst maintaining low cost and reliable energy distribution for customers

We are witnessing considerable disruption in the power sector arising from a combination of policy, technological and customer change. It is creating a transformation in how we think about, produce and use electricity. The extent of disruption and change in the sector is profound and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are in the frontline of the impact that is coming from the rise of distributed energy resources as well as smart grid technology.

All this translates into several significant trends or new realities in the energy space. It includes a shift from completely centralized generation to more and more decentralized, much of it on the local low-voltage network and with a system set up for one-directional flow now having to cope with the new reality of multi-directional flows.

This disruptive change inside the power sector also dramatically alters future roles for network companies and future assumptions about their business models. This means that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) will need to revisit their current role and consider their evolution to that of a Distribution System Operator (DSO) so that they adapt to meet these challenges whilst maintaining low cost and reliable energy distribution for customers.

EA Technology is positioned at the forefront of activities in Smart Grid development. Through our involvement in a wide range of innovative, smart grid projects, delivering a broad range of services covering all functional aspects of smart grid delivery.

Our team brings a range of key strengths to this dynamic area including:

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