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EA Technology is the recognized authority in the United Kingdom on the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the electricity network, and the pioneer of smart solutions to mitigate this impact. This is evidenced through several high-profile projects including:

My Electric Avenue:

2012 – 2015
Trailblazer trial deployment of electric vehicle demand control technology to assess and mitigate impact of EV clusters on local electricity networks (>200 customers engaged)

Smart EV:

2016 – 2017
Cross-sectoral stakeholder management to achieve cross-industry consensus on standardized mechanism to facilitate EV uptake on local electricity distribution networks

Electric Nation:

2016 – 2019
Trial of complex smart charging demand control technologies across wide range of EV types (battery capacities and charging capacities); customer acceptance across 500-700 trial participants

EV Network Group:

2016 – 2018
Cross-sector group established by EA Technology to promote technological and infrastructural needs, to maximize the number of electric miles by 2030 in the most cost efficient way; supported by the UK Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

“For us, EA Technology has become synonymous with a comprehensive understanding of EVs, their impact on electricity networks and key EV stakeholders.”
Stewart Reid, Head of Asset Management and Innovation, Scottish and Southern Electricity

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