CableData Monitor™

EA Technology’s CableData Monitor™ is an advanced asset management system for 24/7 monitoring of Partial Discharge (PD) in cables.

PD activity is the primary cause of cable failure in both new and ageing installations. Cable PD can occur due to poor installation, poor cable system design, external damage and thermal or electrical overstressing.

Cable age is not a clear indicator of potential PD activity. Monitoring cable PD provides asset managers with the ability to comprehensively detect cable deterioration early, and enables them to make informed, preventative decisions with both cost and time benefits. Monitoring PD in targeted cables provides demonstrable payback and helps prevent unplanned outages.

Monitoring cable PD reduces customer minutes lost (CMLs), and customer interruptions (CIs) aiding the generation of regulatory incentives.

EA Technology’s CableData Monitor™ monitors the magnitude, severity and phase angle of PD activity in cables. By constantly monitoring hundreds of measurement points simultaneously, preventative maintenance can be intelligently targeted.

EA Technology’s CableData Monitor™ has an industry-leading design, backed up by EA Technology’s knowledge and expertise, built up over 40 years of creating advanced PD solutions.



Valuable Condition Data is a key part of the process of upgrading to Condition Based Risk Management™ (CBRM). This is EA Technology’s methodology of applying a Health Index to each asset, including the probability and consequence of its failure; an approach which is proven to improve asset reliability, availability and safety, whilst reducing the overall costs of asset maintenance and replacement.

Global Support

The CableData Monitor™ can be supplied and supported anywhere in the world, through our network of international sales offices and distribution partners. We provide support including:

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