Thermographic Survey

Identify problem areas early with Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic Surveys use infra-red cameras to identify ‘hot-spots’ on switchgear and low voltage equipment, caused by ohmic heating, which may be an indication of problem areas. Thermographic surveys are capable of detecting current path issues such as poor contact, high resistance joints.

EA Technology’s Thermographic Surveys offer key data for condition based asset management by identifying ‘hot-spots’ on contacts of low voltage and open busbar switchgear. Such ‘hot-spots’ identify areas of poor contact that may require further investigation.

The survey is quick and easy, and can be conducted on any low voltage equipment where the conductors and contacts can be safely exposed. Thermographic Surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of a range of asset types and can prove highly cost-effective in identifying faults before they lead to failures. Thermographic surveys are often carried out in conjunction with our other services, such as PD Surveys.

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