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Asset Investment Management Software

The power to prioritise your electrical asset investment

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EA Technology’s Asset Investment Management (AIM) software builds on the proven CBRM 2.0 platform.

Our heritage and experience is from delivering Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) solutions globally and the development and delivery of Great Britain’s CNAIM (Common Network Asset Indices Methodology).

What is AIM?

Capture, utilise and communicate knowledge

AIM models use your asset data to make an objective and defensible evaluation of asset health, performance, consequence, and risk. Harness the experience and expertise of your asset engineers and our domain knowledge teams to ensure your models reflect your reality.


Using our models will provide you with an assessment of the future health and risk of failure, alongside an assessment of the current asset condition and likelihood of failure.


You can assess, repair, replace and maintain actions for each asset based on future predictions. The implication of each action is modelled, allowing you to anticipate what will happen, when it will happen, and why.


Check and manage the impact of your plan over time.

On rare occasions, you might need a complete emergency shutdown, but again, it can be done properly with all safeguards and procedures observed, and with a warning given to affected parties.

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AIM – delivered to fit your needs:

AIM software can grow with you, from a small scale, manually fed solution to an enterprise solution with full integration into corporate data systems and dashboards. The software provides all the tools you need to maximise the potential of your assets.

  • AIM for asset managers: visualise and track your plans. Find the assets to deal with next
  • AIM for finance: see well-justified plans and benefits
  • AIM for stakeholders: communicate key asset information to senior management, field crews, investors, etc
  • AIM for IT: a managed and secure software platform for easy integration and control

What does AIM look like?

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Our AIM software is web-based, graphical, intuitive, and configurable.

The user can drill down from map views to raw data.

AIM solutions:

As global Asset Management experts, we have continually contributed to the evolution of the discipline of Asset Management, including the development and review of ISO 55000, the creation of Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) and continually supporting the GB DNOs through the development of their Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM).

We have taken CBRM and CNAIM and developed a solution that empowers network operators to make all these strategic decisions with confidence within the Asset Investment Management modelling platform.
Providing the capability to assess the impact of any investment on any asset modelled within the platform and to produce optimised investment plans which can be edited by engineers.

What our customers are saying:

EA Technology ensures a professional delivery – very well structured and planned delivery process.

Phil Mann, Planning & Regulation Special Projects Engineer

The project has brought benefits in securing data, by analysing and linking multiple applications such as GIS, Scada and others.

Nikola Bogunovic, Head of Department, Asset Management

EA Technology’s knowledge of the DNO systems is very good, a healthy mix of engineering and consultant expertise.

Barry Walker, Asset Manager Department

EA Technology’s key strengths are technical knowledge, experience and coming up with innovative solutions.

Landen Johnston, System Integration Manager

Further Information:

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