Asset Registers & Health Indices

Rate and record your asset health to effectively manage your most important assets.

Our decades of experience have shown that you can manage your assets more effectively by rating and recording their health.  We have helped many organisations to develop asset registers that provide easy access to data on their assets within an accessible database, and use these effectively to drive effective maintenance and intervention strategies.

EA Technology consider data collection to be an investment and have helped organisations improve the quality and reliability of their data, for reliability and maintenance through data standardisation, combined with enhanced data-management systems that allow electronic collection and transfer of data.

Some of the advantages of holding accurate good quality data on assets include:

We are experts in the creation and evaluation of asset Health Indices, which are a simple yet powerful method of rating an asset’s condition and risk of failure. An asset’s health index is designed to provide an objective and accurate indication of the probability of its failure at any time during its service life. Health indices can be used to support investment decisions into an asset’s replacement or maintenance intervention.

Used together, Asset Registers and Health Indices are essential for creating an overview of all your assets, to prevent outages, manage maintenance and plan replacements more effectively.



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