Techno-Economic Modelling

Creating innovative solutions to help distribution networks cope with the pressures of new technologies

The distribution network is becoming more complex as customers adopt new technologies (such as electric vehicles, solar photovoltaic generation, storage etc.) and network operators need to be able to utilise different approaches to manage the conditions that arise. Increasingly, this means using innovative solutions, but deciding when and where these should be deployed to deliver value for money is a challenging task.

To address this, we developed the Transform Model®:


The Transform Model:

The Transform Model has been robustly tested, and is now used and endorsed by network operators, governments and regulators. Ofgem describe it as ‘world-leading’ in its approach to this challenging area, and is now the accepted industry standard tool for assessing the benefits of innovative approaches. Uses today include:

The model is continually refined with outputs from such projects to ensure it reflects the latest industry thinking via a managed governance process supported by the UK’s electricity distribution businesses.

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