Power Quality Assessments

Independent expert advice and training on a range of power quality issues.

The symptoms of poor power quality can cause system disruption, which has a significant cost impact on your business.  We offer independent expert advice and training on a range of power quality issues. Employing industry best practice, we can investigate your power quality status, identify any problems and propose effective solutions.

Poor power quality issues can go unnoticed due to failures being attributed to the incorrect cause when in fact they are a result of power quality issues in the form of harmonics, voltage sags/swells, flicker and transients. If you have experienced:

this could be due to poor power quality.

Luckily, the cost of mitigating these power quality performance issues is far less than failure costs associated with the power quality causes and effects themselves.

Benefit from independent expert advice

Our specialist service combines the latest assessment technology (Class A Power Quality monitors) and modelling approaches, built on a wealth of experience in electrical networks and power engineering.

We are a vendor neutral company, globally recognised and respected.

Delivering practical support

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Westinghouse Power Quality Case Study

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