Power System Studies

Our system studies focus on the analysis of the customer & adjacent electrical network to provide recommendations on how to optimise its performance while improving the security of the supply.

Some of the time & frequency domain analysis we undertake includes: Load Flow, Fault Level, Protection Grading and Settings, Arc Flash, Flicker, Dynamic/Transient Stability/Fault Ride Through studies, Earthing and Lightning assessments, Frequency Sweep studies and Grid Connection feasibility/Grid Code compliance analysis.

Most of our studies are completed with the use of software modelling tools. EA Technology currently hold licences for three different computer modelling systems, IPSA, Power Factory DIgSILENT and PSSE, and can carry out studies using any system, should the customer have a preference. There is no practical limit to the size of networks that can be modelled; an entire Distribution Network Operator network is efficiently handled and yet it is also cost effective for very small network studies. We have also previously acquired licenses for alternative modelling systems at the specific customer requests.

Protection Settings and Grading Studies

With private networks continuously growing they find themselves in a constant state of change, with numerous sites being subject to multiple small, as well as significant modifications such as: changes to equipment, network reinforcement or network re-configuration and site generation installation. These elements require network assessments. Circuits may not only need to be checked on an individual basis but overall site analysis may also need to be undertaken.

Our service is especially valuable following the installation/decommission of assets, changes in supply or network conditions and variations in demand.

Recent customers have come to us following their annual visit/correspondence from the HSE inspector. These visits have included such questions as “when did you last carry out a full study of the protection discrimination across your site”. Unfortunately, the most frequent answer to this question is “when the site was built”. Usually due to number of minor network changes over a period of years, problems which pose a major risk to the stability of the customer’s network and operations have occurred.

The methodology that we follow to perform Protection Studies involves:

Typical deliverables include:


An arc flash hazard is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy from an electric arc.  EA Technology’s expertise on performing arc flash studies can help you develope strategies to reduce the level of prospective arc energy and mitigate the effect of the hazardous arcs on personnel.

Electric arcs are produced when current flows through the vapour between two electrical conductors.  There are differing mechanisms which may give rise to the arc which may involve insulation failure, equipment failure and operator error, but once established irrespective of the initial cause an electrical arc gives rise to extremely high temperatures at the arc location.  Such temperatures constitute extreme hazards to personnel working on, or close to, the arc source.  These hazards include the extreme heat of the arc, vaporisation of the conductors, rapid expansion of this vapour and the air around the arc location which gives rise to a blast pressure wave.

To undertake the assessment site specific data is required to be collected and input into the arc flash hazard analysis software tool. The data requirements include:

The deliverables of the Arc Flash study are an electronic report which details:

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