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Record Year for Energy Tech Company EA Technology

Energy tech company EA Technology has celebrated record sales for the year end March 2017. Topping £26 million, the Cheshire-based energy technology company saw orders increase by over 50% across nearly all of its global markets. EA Technology sales up by 50% and company is in ideal position to further benefit from the significant changes […]


Practicing what we preach!

As part of regular team meetings, Health & Safety matters are always top of the agenda. Those of us that regularly travel and visit customers’ electrical substations are only too aware of the potential risks. We have plenty of procedures and documents that help us manage these environments, but when it comes to it, the […]


CableSniffer2™ “does what it says on the tin”

The CableSniffer2™ was originally introduced at the 18th International Conference on Electricity Distribution in 2005 hosted by CIRED. CIRED are the leading forum where the Electricity Distribution Community meets. More recently, the CableSniffer2™ was awarded an 2014 IET Innovation Award held in London on Wednesday 19th November. Back in 2004, Colin said “it typically costs £600 to £1000 ($1088-$1813) to dig […]


Confidence in Making Decisions

We all make decisions everyday, some are very simple and subconscious, others are more serious and can have profound effects. In all cases we use inputs such as data, information, experience and “gut feel” to inform these decisions and give us a degree of confidence about their outcomes. EA Technology works in the world of […]