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Managing your Supply Chain Must Include the Monitoring of the Effective Delivery of Energy

To most manufacturers the management of the supply chain is the ‘just in time’ stock control system of the components required to produce their end product. Effective energy management, whether electricity or gas, is often assessed by the facilities management department on a simple cost to supply basis. Therefore isn’t it time for you to […]


Tactical Asset Management Reaches New Heights

Taking tactical asset management to another level using technological advancements in handheld partial discharge detectors. In 1983, Dr John Reeves was first able to detect and measure the tiny electrical pulses created on the outside of high voltage switchgear when its insulation starts to fail. He called them Transient Earth Voltages or TEVs and went […]


The Benefits of an Automated LV Network

How many engineers does it take to change a fuse??? None with ALVIN™ Aging UK Electrical Distribution network assets – replace, restore or re-adapt? With such a vast and complex network, replacing old for new, on a large scale, has never been a viable option.  Due to the single function nature of a lot of the […]