ALVIN™ Family

Creating Safer, Stronger, Smarter networks with next generation LV network management equipment. The ALVIN™ Family of Low Voltage network restoration and control products is the most technically advanced system for safe fault management and network automation.

ALVIN™ stands for Automated Low Voltage Intelligent Network.

The performance of Electricity Networks is having to evolve to meet the demands and expectations of customers and accommodate the uptake of new Low Carbon Technology’s. The sophistication of network control that has been successfully deployed on High Voltage networks now needs to be deployed on the Low Voltage networks with the same capability, but due to the scale of Low Voltage networks, at a greatly reduced cost.

ALVIN™ offers the following solutions:

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Alvin Family Suite


Increased network demands and the connection of new devices on the Low Voltage network, including Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) such as Photovoltaic generators (PV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and Heat Pumps (HP), can result in different load and voltage profiles on the Low Voltage network. A combination of ALVIN™ family products can provide the appropriate solution to mitigate these effects:

  • ALVIN Reclose™: For self-clearing faults, ALVIN Reclose™ will automatically perform multiple circuit recloses. For permanent faults, it behaves in the same way as existing fuse solutions. Together with ALVIN Portal it will create a remotely controllable system
  • ALVIN LinkSwitch™: Remotely controlled Link Box actuator
  • ALVIN LinkSense™: Fully automated Link Box actuator
  • ALVIN Portal™: When communication to substation is required in order to receive network data or remotely control ALVIN Reclose
  • ALVIN Link Controller™: Link Box Controller suppling communication to ALVIN LinkSwitch™
  • SafeON™: Current limitation and public protection technology embedded in each actuating device

These products can be used in a range of combinations to provide the following capabilities:

  • Monitors the network (voltage, current, fault level, harmonic distortion etc) and provides information and alarms
  • Reconfigure the network to re-balance load and voltage
  • Manage stresses due to network maintenance
  • ALVIN™ applies current limitation when making circuit with a possible fault. This protects equipment against unnecessary stresses. Improve availability and reliability Regulation requires availability and reliability to be increased while infrastructure remains the same. Automated functionalities of ALVINs™ allows power to be restored quicker. Power outages due to intermittent faults can be dealt with in seconds
  • Offers platform to allow algorithms to detect the presence of PV, EV and HP devices on the network

Potential benefits:

  • Improved network performance
  • Increase resource efficiency/reduce Opex cost
  • Extended asset life: limited current flow on restart offered
  • Reduced network imbalance offering potential savings through network reinforcement deferrals
  • Defer load related network reinforcement
  • Low cost equipment
  • Low maintenance and lifecycle cost

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