ALVIN RecloseIT™

Fault Management solution for LV Networks

EA Technology understands that with every fuse operation there is an inherent risk to operators, the public and assets themselves as the action of restoration of supply may lead to safety implications.

ALVIN RecloseIT™, equipped with unique SafeON™ current limiting technology, allows operators to energise suspicious feeders in a safe and intuitive manner.


Where the Supply is re-energised successfully, ALVIN RecloseIT™ can be left permanently in the circuit enabling continuous monitoring which will aim to identify reasons for fuse operation. This will also protect suspicious feeders from Customer Minutes Lost (CML’s) by performing automated reclosing on any future intermittent faults.

In cases where the suspicious feeder was exhibiting a permanent fault, ALVIN RecloseIT™ will limit the current to a preprogramed value calibrated to customer requirements eliminating unnecessary stresses on the network assets and will not allow the circuit to be energised.

Circuit evaluation monitoring is provided by, ALVIN RecloseIT™, the Reclose unit will monitor a range of variables that will allow the customer to undertake decisions preventing an outage repeating on the supply.

The ALVIN RecloseIT™ unit comprises of an ALVIN Reclose™, a rigid carry case and data interface accessories. Once ALVIN Reclose™ has been installed and left for network monitoring, all other accessories can be reused by simply replacing the used ALVIN Reclose™ with another unit. This ‘as and when required’ approach greatly reduces the cost of LV automation implementation.




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