UltraTEV Detector²

Our simple and effective instrument for condition assessment and enhanced safety for anybody entering substations

The UltraTEV Detector² is the latest upgrade to the award winning UltraTEV range. Now with audio enhancement to make your ‘First-pass health and safety’ test easier and more effective.

Using dual sensor technology, the UltraTEV Detector² is the device you cannot afford to be without. Helping you to meet health and safety requirements where ‘You should assess the switchgear and the electrical network to identify any potential risks and problems’.


dual-sensor technology

clear display



UltraTEV Detector² Brochure

Do you know what Partial Discharge (PD) sounds like?

UltraTEV Detector² with an audio enhancement enables you to hear if there is a potential PD in the asset. Listen to the audio recordings below to hear the distinct sound of damaging and dangerous surface PD in an electrical asset compared to the sound of background noise!

Partial Discharge noise

Learn about Partial Discharge Monitoring

Failure of your high-voltage switchgear and cabling could cost millions in repairs, replacements and fines. But most failures don’t happen in a flash – they can be predicted from warning signs, most notably partial discharge (PD). By watching your cables and switchgear, EA Technology’s Astute HV Monitoring® service can alert you to suspicious spikes and pinpoint which parts of your HV system should be investigated.

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