UltraTEV Plus²

Helping you make Partial Discharge measurements easy with the UltraTEV Plus²

The UltraTEV Plus² is the latest innovation being introduced to the award winning UltraTEV™ range. This easy to use instrument incorporates additional sensing capabilities and real time advances analytical features enabling you to distinguish between true PD, noise and other interference allowing you to make better decisions while saving time and money and enhance the safety of your staff and your network.

You don’t need to be a PD expert anymore

The UltraTEV Plus² has been designed to make asset inspection easy. Using expertly designed algorithms the UltraTEV Plus² is able to help the operator understand the results, interpreting the data and displaying clear results on screen so engineers know immediately the condition of the asset they are inspecting.

Capture results and transfer them easily

The UltraTEV Plus² can transfer asset measurement results directly to your PC or business network via Wi-FI or USB/SD Card. Together with this, the new survey functionality allows details of the substations and assets to be entered on the screen and guides people through a simple survey process.

Features of the UltraTEV Plus²

Benefits of the UltraTEV Plus²

To learn more about the benefits of UltraTEV Plus², you can download our UltraTEV Plus² sales brochure and case studies.

UltraTEV Plus² brochure

UltraTEV Plus² – Trinity Mirror Case Study

UltraTEV Plus Port of Felixstowe Case Study

UltraTEV Plus with Locator Probe

Our advanced Locator Probe accessory works with our UltraTEV Plus2 instrument to locate the source of Partial Discharge across multiple sites. Changes in PD activity levels can be compared between assets and analysed over time, providing a clear indication of whether or not further investigation is required.


The Locator Probe accessory has been designed to attach to the UltraTEV Plus2, ensuring that your Partial Discharge (PD) requirements can be catered for with one instrument.

The advanced software of the Locator Probe allows for easy location of PD at multiple discharge sites.


To learn more about the benefits of the Locator Probe and how the instrument works in conjunction with the UltraTEV Plus², you can download our UltraTEV Plus² sales brochure.

UltraTEV Plus² with Locator Probe Brochure

Learn about Partial Discharge Monitoring

Failure of your high-voltage switchgear and cabling could cost millions in repairs, replacements and fines. But most failures don’t happen in a flash – they can be predicted from warning signs, most notably partial discharge (PD). By watching your cables and switchgear, EA Technology’s Astute HV Monitoring® service can alert you to suspicious spikes and pinpoint which parts of your HV system should be investigated.

Download an information kit today that’s packed with information, including case studies, technical specifications, case studies and service information.


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