Substation Earthing

Ensuring a safe environment is in place during a High Voltage earth fault

Earthing System Audits undertaken by EA Technology will ensure that a safe environment is in place during a High Voltage earth fault. Such audits are essential to comply with current health and safety legislation, as well as to protect your assets and personnel.

  • Independent assessment of whole system including maintenance
  • Utilises the latest technology for accurate assessment
  • Identifies where repairs or improvements are required
  • Essential following upgrades, damage or theft from substations
  • Earthing design service utilising “CDEGS” software package

Earthing System Audits

EA Technology’s Earthing System Audit provides an essential assessment of the earthing system in and around substations and other power assets, along with the associated maintenance procedures. Not only is this a legal obligation to comply with health and safety legislation, it is also vital for ensuring the protection of both your assets and your workforce.

Every survey is a bespoke service dependent on the customer requirements. Our experts will liaise directly with your engineers to ensure that the most appropriate and cost effective survey is undertaken.

Typically the Earthing System Audit follows the steps below:

  • Soil Resistivity Measurement
  • Site Resistance Measurement
  • Site Continuity Measurement
  • Touch and Step Potential Measurement
  • Visual Assessment of all above ground earthing

All site assessment data is then compiled at our offices to provide a detailed report in relation to compliance to relevant standards and a simple list of remedial actions that may be required to gain compliance.

Earthing Systems Audit brochure

Earthing Design Services

When building or upgrading HV electrical services, one of the most important stages of the design process is the HV earthing system design.

EA Technology uses the latest computer modelling software to create a safe environment for people and equipment. As an independent company with no affiliation to any installation contractors, we will also ensure that any design is also the most cost-effective approach.

Site information, including soil resistivity measurements are used by our engineers. We work with you at every point of the earthing design process to ensure a smooth transition from initial substation design, the completed earthing system design through to installation. Every design project includes a final resistance measurement to confirm the predicted values.

HV Protection System Audit

All earthing system audits are ideally undertaken in conjunction with an audit of the sites HV Protection System.

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