High Voltage Earthing: Are you compliant?

Is your power installation HSE compliant?
Do you know the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to become BS EN 50522 compliant?
Ensure the safety of your staff during a high voltage earth fault.

Over the past 16 years EA Technology has undertaken earthing surveys throughout the UK and at locations as diverse as Bermuda, the Outer Hebrides and even the outback of Australia. In recent months the High Voltage Earthing team have been extremely busy undertaking HV earthing surveys at numerous UK industrial sites.

These recent surveys have focussed on the site’s request to confirm that a safe environment is created to limit the possible electric shock hazard that could arise during an electrical fault. Surveys ensure compliance with the British Standard relating to High Voltage Earthing, BS EN 50522: Earthing of power installations exceeding 1kV.

Here are the three steps that we can help you make to ensure your compliance with British Standards and the HSE.

Step 1: Site resistance measurement

All of our HV earthing surveys begin with a measurement to confirm the site resistance and then by calculation we can then calculate the voltage rise that could occur during an electrical fault.

(EA Technology engineers reeling out test leads)

Step 2: Site continuity

The next step is to confirm that all HV equipment within the site has an adequate low resistance connection to earth. This is a significant part of gaining compliance with the British Standard, with measurements undertaken with a High Current/Low Resistance Ohmmeter.

(EA Technology engineers testing a transformer)

Step 3: Individual Substation Surveys

Individual substation surveys complete the scope of works that include a detailed visual survey by our earthing experts to identify any immediate safety issues. We also undertake a suite of measurements to allow calculation of possible electric shocks that could happen during an electrical fault.

(EA Technology engineers undertaking a substation survey)

Any defects are recorded at the time of the survey, with a full report produced detailing all measurements together with recommendations to ensure a safe working environment.

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