EA Technology making it simple to detect damaging and potentially dangerous Partial Discharge

As the world’s leading pioneers in Partial Discharge (PD) detection and analysis we recently launched the UltraTEV Detector² taking a record number of pre-launch orders in the process from companies all over the globe.

Developed in conjunction with Germany’s leading Electricity Distribution Network Operator, the competitively priced UltraTEV Detector² comes with a headset, so users can simply decipher what is damaging PD from background noise when making those all-important Health & Safety checks on their MV and HV switchgear.

Welcomed as a significant product advancement Matthias Welzbacher, Managing Director of Sienergy GmbH based in Germany, commented: “Using the UltraTEV Detector² with the audio feature means that MV and HV engineers can now hear the distinct sound of damaging and potentially dangerous surface PD in an electrical asset compared to the sound of background noise that sometimes creates a false positive on a standard PD detector”.

EA Technology’s Distributor Manager Graham Collins added: “Many of our Distributors are experiencing a big uptake for this product simply because it is the sought of basic health and safety tool that should be in every MV and HV engineers van”.

The UltraTEV Detector² is an entry level device designed for the first pass health and safety check and is part of a family of highly acclaimed Partial Discharge detection, location and monitoring products available from EA Technology.

Please click the links to audio files in which you can hear the distinct sound of damaging and dangerous surface Partial Discharge in an electrical asset compared to the sound of background noise.

Partial Discharge noise

Background noise


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