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Distributor Manager, Graham Collins: The Intrepid Explorer

EA Technology’s Graham Collins, Distributor Manager EMEA details his recent development trip across South Africa. EA Technology’s HV5-9s Sales function has been busy developing its Distributor Network across the globe, in order to give the company a much larger footprint and ensure that as many people as possible are promoting the company’s goods and services […]


Over 1,000 Lightning Strikes Recorded in Seaside Town

Over 1,000 lightning strikes were recorded in just one hour on 18th June in the East Sussex seaside town of Eastbourne. Our Lightning Location System recorded a total of 1156 cloud to ground strikes between 10pm and midnight, and within a 25km radius around Eastbourne, with 45 strikes having a strength of over 40,000Amps, 2 […]


Optimising your DER and LV network management strategy

For many years now, the design features of utility-scale low voltage networks sought to make a simple value proposition to customers which was cheap, simple and reliable. This approach worked well because customers only needed simple network capabilities and the cost efficiencies were passed on to them through low bills. All evidence now points to […]


Envisaging the future energy world

What will the energy future look like? Governments have set targets for the generation mix over the coming decades and consumers are already demonstrating their desire for a low carbon future by purchasing more and more low carbon technologies, including the likes of domestic solar PV panels and electric vehicles. The wider industry needs to […]


There’s No Such Thing as Normal

If all networks are unique, why are investment decisions often based on an average? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show the direct benefit to customers for every network investment? For example, as a consumer “How will this improve the network and how much money will it save me?” being the all-important question. […]