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What is the future for Low Voltage Networks?

By Stephen Need, Commercial Manager of EA Technology The future is electric, and it is coming down the tracks fast. Automotive manufacturers have committed to an electric car revolution and by 2040 every new car sold in the UK must be able to travel at least 50 miles on electric power alone. As residential demand […]


Safeguard your electricity supply by detecting Partial Discharge

By Stephen Holmes, Business Development Manager at EA Technology What would you do if your power went down for 24 hours? If you run a business with critical high voltage assets, then stopping production even for a day is just not an option. In worst-case scenarios, it can mean multi-million-pound daily losses or even spell […]


Buy a new CS2 CableSniffer and get a £500 trade-in deal

By Stephen Need, Commercial Manager at EA Technology EA Technology is incentivizing customers to move across to its CableSniffer2 (CS2). Until the 29th March 2019, anyone trading in their existing CS1 CableSniffer will be eligible for a £500 trade-in deal. The CableSniffer is a revolution in locating faults in underground LV cables fast. Instead of […]


What is the DSO transition and why does it matter?

Blog by Mark Sprawson, Head of Network Strategy & Transformation For decades, distribution networks have remained fairly passive in their approach to the provision of various services and their participation in the marketplace. The rise of ‘prosumers’ and the increased numbers of stakeholders in the value chain who are looking to utilise the distribution network […]


Expertise in Power Quality Investigations

Blog by Tony Dowd, Business Development Manager – Strategy and Interventions, EA Technology Poor power quality can cause process disruption and equipment failure, which can have a significant cost impact on your business. Power quality issues can go unnoticed due to failures being attributed to the incorrect cause when in fact they are a result […]


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