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Industry leading Low Voltage (LV) Network Design Tool for network operators

WinDEBUT™ has been developed by EA Technology to provide an intuitive interface to its DEBUT LV network design software. The software is the UK’s electricity industry’s leading low voltage (LV) network design tool for network operators, connection providers, contractors and consultants. Intuitive, easy to use and cost effective.

Our detailed knowledge and understanding of the UK’s electricity industry gives us the capability of providing a comprehensive asset management package to owners and operators of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Networks as part of a three tier process as illustrated to the right.

The WinDEBUT™ software package is the UKs no. 1 tool for designing new LV networks and adding new connections to existing networks, including embedded generators. The tool is tailored for rapid modelling and analysis of LV networks to allow users to find the lowest cost design and to meet project criteria.

This feature is the main reason why currently, nearly all of the UK’s Distribution Network Operators use versions of WinDEBUT™ low voltage design tool for their LV design operations.



WinDEBUT EME Power Systems Case Study

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