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Power Systems Studies

Our network studies team is staffed with highly qualified engineers who have a wealth of experience in building network models and performing load flow, fault level, protection, earthing and transient stability studies. We undertake detailed analysis to support customers with their network management to ensure their networks are reliable, safe and efficient.

Our system studies focus on the analysis of the customer & adjacent electrical network to provide recommendations on how to optimise its performance while improving the security of the supply.
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Arc Flash Studies

We are expert in performing Arc Flash studies, helping you develop strategies to reduce the level of prospective hazardous electric arc energy. This is done in compliance with the IEEE1584-2018 standard.

An arc flash hazard is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy from an electric arc. Our expertise on performing arc flash studies can help you develop strategies to reduce the level of prospective arc energy and mitigate the effect of the hazardous arcs on personnel.
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Protection Studies

Correct protection settings and grading are an essential element in achieving the effective and safe operation
of electrical networks. We assist organisations to review protection systems and ensure they remain appropriate to changing network conditions.

Our protection settings and grading studies assess your network’s stability and are valuable following the installation/decommission of assets, changes in supply or network conditions and variations in demand.
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Power Quality Investigations

We offer independent expert advice on a range of power quality issues. Employing industry best practice,
we can investigate your power quality status, identify any problems and propose effective solutions. This can include issues associated with harmonics, voltage sags/swells, flicker and transients.

The symptoms of poor power quality can cause system disruption, which has a significant cost impact on your business. We offer independent expert advice and training on a range of power quality issues. Employing industry best practice, we can investigate your power quality status, identify any problems and propose effective solutions.
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ISO 55000 Compliance and Strategic Asset Management Guidance

We can support your organisation in becoming ISO 55000 compliant and achieve better value from your assets. We can do this through strategic guidance, Asset Management training, gap analysis, and auditing & certification. Our experts can provide strategic guidance on prioritising and optimising asset investments. We can help specifically in supporting your organisation in achieving ISO 55000 compliance or in supporting other company objectives.

We have vast experience in assisting clients, with Strategic Asset Management Investment decisions through Strategic Asset Management advice, and implementation of our Asset Investment Management software.

Electrical Safety Rule Development, Assessment and Compliance

Our in-house team of experts can help with every type of engineering-related issue over the whole life of assets.

We can assist you in fulfilling legal obligations through the development or review of existing Electrical Safety Rules.

Incident Investigations and Expert Witness

We have experienced consultants who undertake investigations into operational incidents and asset failures, plus providing the services of an expert witness during legal proceedings.

Electrical Infrastructure Audits

Our Electrical Infrastructure auditing can identify whether the electrical equipment has been correctly installed, maintained, operated, protected and whether the equipment presents a danger to its users or others.

Electrical Infrastructure Audits are a critical element of due diligence activities and can assess any risk.

Maintenance Policy

We can help you scope out and implement efficient and cost-effective maintenance strategies, using the latest condition monitoring techniques and technology. The service includes maintenance at all levels, from corporate management strategies and policies, through to step-by-step maintenance procedures for individual workers.

Our bespoke Maintenance policy and strategy documentation, plus the implementation of operating regimes. This includes the development of Asset Registers, condition assessment techniques, testing and maintenance activities.

Condition Monitoring Assessments

We can assist in implementing effective management of assets over the full asset life cycle, and with the optimisation of your condition monitoring.

Many companies now recognise that effective management of their assets over the full asset life cycle, is a critical factor in optimising the value the organisation can realise from managing and operating their assets. We have assisted many worldwide organisations with the optimisation of their Condition Monitoring requirements and documentation.

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