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ALVIN® Linksense

Making network management simple with autonomous link box equipment

ALVIN® Linksense provides network operators with the most versatile Low Voltage network reconfiguration system commercially available.

EA Technology’s universally programmable actuator ALVIN® Linksense uses the unique SafeOn® switching technology incorporated within the Linksense device. This technology allows virtually any operation to be programmed into the unit providing multifunctional operations.

ALVIN® Linksense can measure instantaneous values of current (I) and voltage (V) including Root-Mean-Squared Voltage (RMS), harmonics and power factor, this can be tailored according to the customers’ requirements for each installation.


ALVIN® Linksense requires no manual intervention and will remotely test the network condition prior to automatically. Unlike other devices, this can be done multiple times without the requirement for engineer intervention.



ALVIN® Linksense can be programmed to customer requirements, these settings allow interconnected and radial networks to be applied in an automatic configuration improving availability and reliability of supply.

ALVIN® Linksense ICT:

This intuitive technology disconnects interconnected networks when a loss of supply is present on both sides.


ALVIN® Linksense SEC:

This technology sectionalises radial or interconnected networks to isolate faulty sections and restore supply to the maximum amount of customers.


ALVIN® Linksense BAL:

Designed to solve network balance issues with Low Carbon Technologies ALVIN® Linksense BAL works on radial networks acting as an intelligent open point that connects two radial networks to share load and increase network performance.

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ALVIN® Linksense

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