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Astute HV

Astute HV is a new offering for HV & EHV Switchgear and Cable assets where real time and long term Partial Discharge activity is collected analysed and reported as a fully managed service to inform and justify business decisions.

HV Assets are critical, expensive and have a direct impact on business performance: Monitoring specific condition information that can be used to understanding the current health of the asset and build up any trending patterns and provide alarms for unusual activities and help determine the remaining life of the asset makes good and financial sense!

Partial Discharge Monitoring for HV Switchgear & Cable:

Partial Discharge testing is one of the main non-intrusive condition assessment techniques available for HV Switchgear & Cable assets. The Astute HV Service has been created to offer the combined benefits of permanent & regular monitoring of Assets, expert analysis and reporting under one simple commercial arrangement.

Headline Benefits:

Astute HV for Switchgear

Understanding the real-time condition of your switchgear assets offers significant benefits in terms of safety and intervention costs. Having the ability to assess the condition remotely before entering the substation and demonstrating the condition of the asset to justify investment is a powerful asset management tool.

Astute HV for Cables

Monitoring the condition of energised HV cables has been difficult until relatively recently. The new “on-line” techniques offered either spot checks which were limited to a small time period or monitoring that required complex interpretation. The Astute HV service for cables offers the ability to now have permanent monitoring with automatic alarms and “outsourced” expertise to inform and recommend any actions. This provides owners and operators on these critical asset with far more information and management capabilities.


Commercial Options:

EA Technology has additional solutions, both commercial and operational that completes the Astute HV Service in to a “One stop shop” for pre-fault condition assessment AND intervention. Please contact us for further details.

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Quantifying the Economic Benefits of Online Monitoring

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