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Locator Probe

Meeting all of your Partial Discharge needs

Our advanced Locator Probe accessory works with our UltraTEV Plus2 instrument to locate the source of Partial Discharge across multiple sites. Changes in PD activity levels can be compared between assets and analysed over time, providing a clear indication of whether or not further investigation is required.



The Locator Probe accessory has been designed to attach to the UltraTEV Plus2, ensuring that your Partial Discharge (PD) requirements can be catered for with one instrument.

The advanced software of the Locator Probe allows for easy location of PD at multiple discharge sites.









To learn more about the benefits of the Locator Probe and how the instrument works in conjunction with the UltraTEV Plus², you can download our UltraTEV Plus² Sales Brochure

UltraTEV Plus² with Locator Probe Brochure

To find out more about the Locator Probe, contact us on:

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