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UltraTEV Alarm™

The UltraTEV Alarm™ provides continuous monitoring of substation switchgear. The UltraTEV Alarm™ has the ability to identify faults and safety issues BEFORE they lead to failures make it the Partial Discharge (PD) activity early warning system that businesses cannot be without.

The UltraTEV Alarm™ can monitor over 100 assets simultaneously using its multi-node sensor units and will raise the alarm if one or more reaches critical PD levels. The UltraTEV Alarm™ is essential in preventing failures in mission critical plants as it alerts personnel around the clock and worldwide. While simultaneously monitoring local humidity and temperature conditions the UltraTEV Alarm™ also provides peace of mind by utilising LED indicators on the Central Hub unit to immediately indicate PD problems.



Illustrative UltraTEV Alarm System

UltraTEV Alarm Brochure


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