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Home ImageEA Technology is the world leader in testing, measuring and monitoring the condition of Medium Voltage (MV) power plant. We use the most advanced test techniques on the market today, plus our unrivalled field engineering experience, to:

  • Deliver accurate reports on the CONDITION of your live MV plant, with no need for planned outages
  • Identify and analyze faults BEFORE they develop into costly unplanned outages
  • Monitor your CRITICAL PLANT for emerging faults, 24/7
  • Give you the information and tools you need to make SMARTER DECISIONS on plant maintenance and replacement, based on its actual condition
  • Make your MV plant more reliable, efficient and safer, at LOWER COST

The World Experts in PD (Partial Discharge) Measurement

The EA Technology Group has 50 years of experience working with Partial Discharge. During that time, we have built a unique database of thousands of examples of MV and HV plant which have been affected by PD activity, leading to failures and outages. We are the experts in predicting and preventing outages, because we have the greatest knowledge of what causes outages.

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FACT: PD (Partial Discharge) activity is a factor in 85% of unplanned substation outages
FACT: EA Technology is the market leader in PD fault analysis and outage prevention

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