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CABLEx 2017

“All things Power Cables”: Connect with the Industry – Safely

EA Technology are pleased to announce that this year’s CABLEx 2017 event was a magnificent success. With over 80 exhibitors, and close to 700 participants enjoying the two-day Chester based event. EA Technology were pleased to see an increase on attendance numbers from last year. With the participation of major players from the European Cable industry, this can be classed as a truly significant industry event. Next year EA Technology will be hosting the third expo/ conference in the series which will focus on Plant & Automation within the electricity supply sector.


A good number of key people from UK DNO’s were present and luckily, we managed to speak with most of them so all in all, a very worthwhile exhibition from a sales and marketing perspective. We give it 10 out of 10… best and most beneficial exhibition we have exhibited at….. note, we have been to many!
~ Nexans

“We were really impressed how CABLEx 2017 was promoted in the lead up as well as how the event was managed on the day. This gave us a perfect platform to promote our services to the Utilities market and make contact with both existing and NEW Customers.”
~ Huw Evans – Marketing Manager at Cable Services

The Demo Den, brilliant idea, was a fundamental improvement and we certainly gained huge benefits from its inclusion.
~ Clydesdale

CABLEx let us to take away 25 exciting new leads with mainly new contacts, which we are following up now. It’s a very well targeted show and we were busy the whole day.
~ 3M


EA Technology are very pleased to say £1,012.98 was raised over the two days of CABLEx 2017. These funds were divided between Cancer Research UK and Electrical Industries Charity each receiving £506.49. We would like to thank everyone for your very generous donations!

Thank you letter from Cancer Research UK

Thank You Letter Electrical Industries Charity

Seminar presentations:

Nexans High Voltage CABLEx2017

Cable Canary for CABLEx 2017

BASEC presentation on CPR CABLEx 2017

Dave Shepherd & Jim Briggs CABLEx 2017

David Gazda CABLEx 2017

Tranemo Presentation CABLEx 2017

Jeremy Hodge BASEC presentation on CPR CABLEx 2017

Osbourne Clarke Mary Lawrence CABLEx 2017

Maxi Faridi and Dawn O Brien UKPN CABLEx 2017

Paul Jewel ENA SHE Link Box CABLEx 2017

Stuart Cox Prysmian Group CABLEx 2017


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