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Overhead Lines Colloquium

Technical Seminar Day
IET Birmingham – 29th March 2018

This recently held event at the IET Birmingham, hosted by EA Technology, was a true success.

We are delighted to report that with attendance reaching in excess of 100 delegates and supported by a number of selected exhibitors, this inaugural Overhead Line Technical Seminar Day proved to be everything that would be expected from a technically biased colloquium event of this quality.

Presentations were well received and covered current industry issues ranging from “The Application of Probabilistic Thermal Ratings” to the “Use of Drones in The Energy Sector”. The full presentation material is available below.

We thank speakers for their time, skill and enthusiasm in presenting the detailed subject matter and we thank the exhibitors for their support, which without, the event would not take place.

We look forward to meeting everyone at our next event PLANTx 2018 at the Chester Racecourse on June 6th.

Rob, Richard and Helen
EA Technology Ltd

Presentation material downloads:

Simon Neve – Integrating monopoles onto a HV OHL network

Eric Brunger – Trailling long-lasting Tower Paints

David Cummins – Drones & the Future

Jon Knapper – Power pylons of the future: The Composite Pylon

Kevin O’Connor – ESB Networks

Martin Queen – Ofgem 

Sven Hoffmann – The Application of Probabilistic Thermal Ratings to Distribution Overhead Lines