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Our Publications

We are proud at EA Technology to have been able to author and co-author several technical papers. Feel free to download and read these at your leisure.

Astute Article Continuous monitoring is on the rise

Utility Magazine DNSP to DSO Transition Article May18

Review of MV Asset Failure Investigations NETA Paper 

Smarter Partial Discharge Measurements Article

Humidity Effects in Substations: Commissioned by and courtesy of Roxtec

Demonstration of an Online Continuous Monitoring System for Partial Discharge on Critical HV Cables – G Earp – CIGRE Paper

Assessing the risk profile to security of supply in the electricity market of Great Britain 2017

The Value of Conservation Voltage Reduction to Electricity Security of Supply 2017

On-line Partial Discharge Assessment and Monitoring of MV and EHV Cables 2015

Quantifying the Economic Benefits of Online Monitoring 2014

Quantifying Asset Risk to Optimise Investment – A Realistic Prospect 2010

The Road to Common Assessment Methods for Distribution Network Equipment 2009

Testing Distribution Switchgear for Partial Discharge in the Laboratory and the Field 2009

Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) Bringing Excellence in Asset Management into the Boardroom 2009

Low Cost Continuous Monitoring of Partial Discharge Activity in MV Substations 2009

Use of Web Based Partial Discharge Monitoring to Extend Asset Life 2009

Actual Maximim Cyclic Capacity of Individual Transformers 2009

Testing Distribution Switchgear for Partial Discharge 2008

Benefits and Experiences of Non-Intrusive Partial Discharge Measurements on MV Switchgear 2007

Advances in the Decommissioning of End-of-Life Oil Filled Cables 2007

Strategic Asset Management of Electricity Distribution Lines using Advanced Helicopter Inspection Techniques 2007

Modern Approaches to Cable Ratings in the UK 2007

UltraTEV Monitor Must Haves for online monitoring