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On-Site Condition Assessments

Checking the condition of your electrical assets

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Switchgear condition assessment

Our Switchgear Condition Assessment Services use a range of proven techniques to measure the condition of substation assets. They are provided worldwide by our experienced engineers, who are experts in safely delivering site-based work followed by management-friendly reports and recommendations.
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Cable condition assessment

Our Cable Condition Assessment service determines the condition of your cables, even if they are underground.
MV and HV cables can be a challenging asset to manage as it is difficult to gain an understanding of their condition when they are buried in the ground.
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Transformer condition assessment

Our Transformer Testing service offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests to assess the condition of the transformer. Results can be used to identify transformers at risk of failure, to improve performance and extend transformer life.
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Substation Earthing

Earthing System Audits will ensure that a safe environment is in place during a High Voltage earth fault. Earthing System audits are essential to comply with current health and safety legislation, especially BS EN 50522 including BS7430, as well as to protect your assets and personnel.
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Lightning Protection

Our Lightning Protection services provide independent, expert advice of the most cost-effective method of protecting assets during electrical storms.

We will audit your facility to establish the worthiness of your current lightning protection system.
Our experts will calculate the probability of lightning striking your facility and for the most economical and effective design to be put in place.

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Oil Diagnostics

Our Oil Diagnostics offer a wide range of oil analysis tests on electrical insulating oil from transformers, switchgear units and tap changers to determine their operational condition.

We offer Transformer oil diagnostics, Switchgear oil diagnostics, and on-site oil sampling.
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