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Electric Nation (known as CarConnect for Ofgem reporting purposes) is hosted by Western Power Distribution (WPD), the distribution network operator (DNO), and delivered by EA Technology, with support from other project partners. Funded through the Network Innovation Allowance, the project will run for three and a half years.

EA Technology will:
  • Develop and deliver an electricity network modelling tool that will enable Western Power Distribution to identify which parts of their network are susceptible to plug-in-vehicle loads and to assess solutions to avoid network reinforcement works.
  • Develop a method for monitoring the effect of plug-in-vehicles on low voltage networks that will inform the network modelling tool development.
  • Support recruitment through strategic marketing and manage a mass-market customer trial to prove the technical/economic viability of plug-in-vehicle/V2G demand control to avoid or defer network reinforcement.

What will the project do?

The Electric Nation project will develop and deliver a number of smart charge solutions to support plug-in vehicle uptake on local electricity networks. A key outcome will be a tool that analyses plug-in vehicle related stress issues on networks and identifies the best economic solution. This ‘sliding scale’ of interventions will range from doing nothing to smart demand control, from taking energy from vehicles and putting it back into the grid, to traditional reinforcement of the local electricity network where there is no viable smart solution.

The development of the project deliverables will be informed by a large-scale trial involving plug-in vehicle drivers that will:

  • Expand current understanding of the demand impact of charging at home on electricity distribution networks of a diverse range of plug-in electric vehicles - with charge rates of up to 7kW+, and a range of battery sizes from 20kWh to 80kWh+.
  • Build a better understanding of how vehicle usage affects charging behaviour.
  • Evaluate the reliability and acceptability to customers of controlling the demand for electricity/taking energy from vehicles and putting it back into the grid.

The results of this project will be of interest and will be communicated to the GB energy/utility community, to UK government, to the automotive and plug-in vehicle infrastructure industry and to the general public.

Set to be the largest EV project in the world, Electric Nation will be working with up to 700 EV drivers in its trials to ensure that such systems are acceptable.

To find out more about our Electric Nation or our other Electric Vehicle projects, contact us on:

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