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My Electric Avenue was a three-year Ofgem-funded project (2012–2015) that undertook trials with over 200 customers to determine the impact clusters of charging electric vehicles (EVs) might have on local electricity networks at peak times. Through trialling a demand control technology called Esprit monitored the clustered charging and tested a method of mitigating the impact.

My Electric Avenue was hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution and led by EA Technology. It was funded through Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund, with in-kind contribution from key partners, including Nissan.

What were the key findings?

Key findings were that across Britain, 32% of local electricity networks (312,000 circuits) will require intervention when 40% - 70% of customers have EVs due to the increased demand; new demand control technology could reduce the cost of managing this by around £2.2 billion up to 2050; the vast majority of customers in the trials accepted having their EV charging remotely controlled and cycled.

Next steps

As a result of My Electric Avenue, EA Technology has founded the EV Network Group, bringing together the automotive and utilities sectors to support the increased uptake in EVs, for the benefit of customers and industry alike.

EA Technology is also now delivering My Electric Avenue’s Smart EV project, to reach consensus on the content to inform a standard (or equivalent) to facilitate controlled plug-in vehicle charging.

Electric vehicle being charged

All of My Electric Avenue’s learning is freely available in the My Electric Avenue Project Library

In addition to the My Electric Avenue outputs, we have made the raw data available so that others can build on the results. To download the data collected during the trial, please click the download button to the right.

Nissan’s Head of Zero Emissions Strategy quoted: “I am impressed by the clear strategy that EA Technology had for the venture My Electric Avenue, it was a natural fit for Nissan to partner on this pioneering trial project. The ‘bottom up’ approach to customer engagement is reaping great results. EA Technology’s combination of project management, technical and ‘people’ expertise make it a company worth doing business with.”

"I commend EA Technology’s expertise in partnership brokering, customer engagement and dissemination of learning outcomes to any DNO or organisation seeking a dynamic, customer and output-oriented project partner or lead." Stewart A Reid, Head of Asset Management and Innovation, Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution

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