HV5-9s™ offers a holistic solution for our customers with an ongoing, long-term service on the road towards achieving world leading 99.999% availability.

What is HV5-9s™

HV5-9s™ helps our customers to move towards 99.999% availability of their high voltage electricity assets.

EA Technology’s HV5-9s™ approach is a non-intrusive, expertly assessed, condition assessment system underpinned by the world-leading technology of the UltraTEV Monitor™ and the new CableData Monitor™.

What are the aims of HV5-9s™

HV59s EA Technology What is HV59s

What’s Involved?

EA Technology’s HV5-9s™ approach protects your highest risk high voltage equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using tailored:

Plant Inspection

HV59s EA Technology UltraTEVPlus PD Surveys
  • Experienced engineers surveying the condition of your high voltage networks with the latest non-intrusive instrumentation and methodology
  • Easy to understand ‘traffic light’ risk reports with clear recommendations for managing your power assets based on their true condition

Health Assessment

EA technology HV59s Condition assessment
  • Expert health assessments of your high voltage assets targeting interventions while maintaining and improving your company safety and regulatory compliance
  • Information to predict and plan maintenance and replacements, potentially saving £000’s
  • A complete picture of the health of your network assets

24/7 Monitoring

HV59s EA Technology UltraTEV Monitor Monitoring Solutions
  • Supply, install, commission and manage UltraTEV Monitor™ or CableData Monitor™ units at your most vulnerable sites
  • Remote and continuous monitoring of your highest risk assets
  • Early notification of developing issues and recommendations for intervention to avoid unplanned outages


EA Technology Forensics HV59s
  • Understand why your plant or cables have failed, how they failed and what you can do to prevent future failures
  • Assessment of the implications for your network

Oil Diagnostics

EA Technology HV59s Oil Diagnostics
  • Diagnosing the health of your oil filled equipment
  • Easily understood results and historical trending to quickly identify asset and network risks

Diagnostic Equipment

  • Easy to use portable equipment so that anyone accessing substations can stay safe and help to build the picture of network health
  • Sophisticated monitoring solutions to provide real time network health alarms

Benefits of HV5-9s™

  • Builds a detailed picture of network health with targeted interventions so you use your resources effectively
  • Early detection of developing faults and guidance on appropriate intervention to avoid unplanned downtime
  • Experts monitoring your system 24/7, giving you peace of mind
  • Long term trending of network and asset health to demonstrate appropriate risk management
  • Benchmarking of network and asset performance

To find out more about the HV5-9s™, contact us on:

T:+44 (0) 151 347 2313
E: sales@eatechnology.com

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