Energy Storage Operators’ Forum

Sharing valuable information and experience between ESOF facilities.

EA Technology has run the UK Energy Storage Operators’ Forum since April 2012. This is an exclusive forum, whose membership comprises all of the GB Distribution Network Operators and the Transmission System Operator. ESOF facilitates sharing of information and experience between members on the practical aspects of Electrical Energy Storage systems through the whole project life-cycle.

This is a “self –help” group for the network operators, allowing them to learn from each other’s successes and issues, discussing issues of key topical interest in a closed forum.

A Good Practice Guide on Electrical Energy Storage

EA Technology, working with the ESOF members, was awarded funding by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) to develop A Good Practice Guide on Electrical Energy Storage (EES).

ESOF members have deployed 12.6 MW / 20.6 MWh of EES, mainly via the Low Carbon Network (LCN) Fund. These projects are delivering large amounts of learning throughout the whole project life-cycle, and this has been shared via ESOF.

The aim of the Guide is to:

The Guide is designed as a reference document, with chapters relating to each stage of the project life-cycle e.g. procurement, installation, safety assessment, business case development. It also provides an introduction to various electrical energy storage technologies and detailed case studies for 18 energy storage projects.

The Guide, and its accompanying Executive Summary, were completed in December 2014 and are now available to download.

A Good Practice Guide on Electrical Energy Storage

LCNI Conference

Electrical Energy Storage has formed a part of many LCN Fund projects. Learning from projects supported via network innovation funding is shared at the annual Low Carbon Networks Innovation Conference, organised by the Energy Networks Association.

In 2013 and 2014, ESOF collaborated as part of the ‘Energy Storage’ workshop and have produced a summary of their activities, entitled ‘A State of Charge of GB’. The latest edition of this paper is available to download here.

State of Charge of GB Issue 1

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