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Lightning Location System

Track and record lightning activity before it affects your assets

EA Technology’s Lightning Location System plots lightning ground strikes in real time, providing vital information for asset managers and safety warnings for personnel.
The EA Technology Lightning Location System clearly distinguishes between the strikes that can cause actual damage or danger to personnel, and other strikes such as inter-cloud. This feature allows the system user to easily identify the strike that has caused damage instead of having to search through irrelevant data from cloud-to-cloud, intra-cloud and cloud-to-air strikes.
Our system has been in operation since 1989 and allows users to access historical and real-time information about how electrical storms develop and move. The system was originally developed for the UK Electricity Council and is still used by British Standards within BS EN 62305. The system is unique in its focus on these strikes with a very high detection rate and high accuracy strike location (proven to be less than 150m median accuracy).



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