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Electrical Power Engineering Foundation Programme – Distance Learning

This course provides essential underpinning knowledge of the UK electricity transmission and distribution network.

Commencing with an overview of the network, learners will gain an understanding of its construction, the principles, operation and function of its component parts and how the network is managed.

The programme also covers how electricity is generated, the regulatory system, system earthing, protection, testing and fault diagnosis.

On completion of the study, the learner has the option to undertake an online assessment and candidates who successfully complete the assessment will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Foundation Certificate.

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How is it delivered?

The programme comprises a series of 11 online self-study modules and webinar presentations. All material can be accessed at the learner’s convenience and webinars are recorded so that you can programme your study to fit around your work schedule.

On enrolment, learners are given access to the learning materials accessed via the EA Technology platform, supported by webinar recordings for each subject area.

Learners will acquire an understanding of:

  • The UK transmission and distribution network
  • How electricity is generated
  • How the industry is regulated
  • The types of plant and equipment used on networks; transformers, switchgear and ancillary equipment
  • How substations and customers are connected together via cables and overhead lines
  • The role and principles of Earthing and how we protect lives and equipment
  • How we test the system and find faults
  • The role and principles of power system protection
  • How the network is managed and maintained

Session 1 – An Introduction and Overview of the Transmission and Distribution Network

Session 2 – Electricity Generation and Regulation

Session 3 – Transformers

Session 4 – Switchgear

Session 5 – Substation Auxiliary and Ancillary Equipment

Session 6 – Transmission and Distribution Cables

Session 7 – Overhead Lines

Session 8 – System Earthing

Session 9 – Planning System Outages

Session 10 – Protection

Session 11 – Testing and Fault Diagnostics

Programme may be subject to amendment

As a foundation course, it will be of benefit to a wide range of staff in the industry, including:

  • New technical staff
  • Career changers and technical employees converting from LV to HV roles
  • Project managers, data analysts and civil engineers and other non-electrical staff who would benefit from an understanding of the transmission and distribution network
  • Non-electrical team leaders and managers

The Foundation is a City & Guilds accredited programme. The programme content corresponds to the topics covered in the City & Guilds 2339 Electrical Power Engineering qualification. Learners who complete the foundation programme may opt to progress to study towards the City & Guilds 2339 Level 2 or Level 3 formal qualification.

These qualifications are the industry-recognised qualification for substation fitters, cable jointers and overhead linespersons, and were designed by industry employers and the Sector Skills Council. For more information on these courses click here

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Course duration: 11 modules


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