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Introduction to Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

This one-day course will give you a basic understanding of earthing on low, medium and high voltage systems (distribution and transmission), how and why we test earthing systems and an understanding of earthing construction. This practical-based programme includes both the theoretical and practical aspects of earth testing construction.

The course also covers, the basics of lightning and its effects, to the use of risk assessment in the formulation of protection strategies, in line with current standard BS EN 62305-2.

The course will benefit staff taking on earthing or lightning assessment roles and new entrants into the industry. Individuals already working in the power sector in non-engineering or support roles for example schedulers, procurement staff and Health and Safety operatives will also benefit from attending. Supervisors/managers who need a basic technical understanding of earthing and Lightning protection systems, or who are moving to a plant related role, will also benefit from this course.

The course is also part of suite of introductory courses that can be combined to form a development route for technician level roles. The suite of follow-on courses includes,  Introduction to Switchgear and Transformers,  Cables for Power Systems part one, Power System Protection Part One, Power Systems for Private Network Operators.

Day one

The Role and function of an Earthing System

Basic Earthing Theory including Testing

LV Earthing Systems

HV Earthing Systems

Earthing System Components

Lightning Protection

Practical Exercises

Programme may be subject to amendment

As a result of attending the course delegates will develop skills that are in short supply and will gain:

  • Understand the role of earthing and its function
  • Develop an understanding of the basic theory of earthing on both LV and HV systems
  • Gain theoretical and practical understanding of methods of testing
  • Develop an appreciation of the effects lightning can have on buildings and power assets
  • Provides an understanding of the considerations given to applying lightning protection
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Course duration: 1 day


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