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Lightning Protection for MOD Sites with Explosives Facilities

This course will give you a comprehensive overview of lightning protection for Ministry of Defence sites that contain explosives facilities. The course explains the lightning protection and earthing requirements of Joint Services Publication JSP482 and gives examples of how to protect explosive facilities to the British Standard BS EN 62305.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the design, maintenance and compliance testing of lightning protection systems, with particular reference to buildings containing explosives, illustrated with case studies of both good and bad practice.

The course includes a lightning protection workshop in which you will be able to discuss your own projects and problems with the expert team and your fellow delegates.

Day one

Lightning – the basics

  • How is lighting generated?
  • Where will it strike?
  • How much will we get?
  • Positive and negative lightning
  • Direct and indirect strikes
  • Working it all out!
  • Effects on structures, OHLs
  • Effects on supplies to MOD sites

Basic protection Strategies

  • Basic lightning protection systems
  • Protecting personnel
  • Sources of lightning surges
  • Protecting buildings
  • Economic considerations

JSP482 Lightning Protection Requirements

  • Introduction
  • How BS EN 62305 differs from BS6651
  • Linking 62305 with MOD practice
  • JSP482 and ESTC Standard No.6 protection requirements
  • Particular requirements for explosives
  • The assessment and treatment of risk
  • Basic Rolling Sphere approach
  • Good and bad practices
  • Transferring surges across sites

Day two

LV surge protection

  • Description of SPDs
  • Equipment withstand
  • Choice and practical application of SPDs
  • Installation examples

Earthing and facility protection

  • Lightning earthing specific to JSP482
  • How to protect a facility
  • Examples of existing MOD plants
  • Applications

Examples of explosive facility protection

  • How to protect explosive storage according to BS EN 62305
  • Building and underground storage protection strategy

Protection of Buildings containing explosives

  • Examples of Good and bad practice
  • Case studies of actual studies

Maintenance, testing and compliance of LPS

  • MOD manual and records
  • Earthing for MOD sites
  • Basic procedures
  • Measuring resistivity
  • ‘Fall of Potential’ demonstration

Earthing Measurement Exercise

Programme may be subject to amendment

  • Gain vital safety knowledge in protecting sites with explosives facilities
  • Understand the regulations for such facilities including JSP482 and BS EN 62305
  • Prevent devastating damage to buildings and critical assets
  • Design effective protection for a range of assets based on risk analysis
  • Update your knowledge on the latest developments in protection and earthing technology
  • Create a safer environment
  • Share best practice from facilities around the world
  • Network with peers, reviewing your own installations and issues
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Course duration: 2 days


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