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Oil Filled Cable Systems

An essential three-day course for engineers working with oil filled cable systems, which delivers an in-depth understanding of the science and technology involved and the skills required to operate and maintain these systems.

While oil-filled cable systems provide the backbone of distribution and transmission networks at voltage levels of 33kV and above, the expertise employed in the design and installation of these systems is today, largely lost to their owners and operators.

This comprehensive three-day course remedies this situation by passing on essential knowledge, skills and competence to today’s engineers who take responsibility for managing, operating, maintaining and repairing these systems.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the components used in oil filled cable installations
  • Understand the design, operation and maintenance of oil-filled cable systems
  • Develop specialist skills that are in extremely short supply
  • Gain a detailed understanding about oil flows, tank pressures, changes in volumes and effects of temperature in oil-filled cable systems
  • Enhance your ability to maximise the performance and asset life of highly complex long-term strategic assets

Day one

Introduction to Oil-Filled Cable Systems

  • Why pressure assisted cables?
  • Principles of the operation of oil-filled cables
  • Principles of oil-filled cables accessories
  • Hydraulic system components and configurations
  • Hydraulic features of accessories
  • Impregnation and oil treatment

Hydraulic Considerations for Oil-Filled Cable Systems

  • Boyles Law, Charles Law and the General
  • Gas equation
  • Tank equation
  • Pressure and temperature limits
  • Hydraulic profiles
  • Oil tank, construction and pressure limits

Day two

Hydraulic Considerations for Oil-Filled Cable Systems continued

  • Oil expulsion from cables and sealing ends
  • Tank efficiencies
  • Changes in oil volume between two pressures
  • Spare oil
  • Pressure / volume curves for tanks and tank tests
  • Impregnation coefficient and flow tests

Technology update

  • Asset management of oil-filled cable systems
  • End of life options

Day three

Hydraulic Considerations for Oil-Filled Cable Systems continued

  • Tank setting pressures and alarm pressures
  • Transient pressures
  • Hydraulic considerations for jointing work

Operation, Maintenance and Repair

  • Operating and maintaining oil-filled systems
  • Routine tests – serving tests, pressure and alarm system tests
  • Location and repair of serving faults
  • Oil condition tests – residual gas pressure and dissolved gas analysis tests
  • Leak management, leak location and repair
  • Monitoring considerations, leading and relevant standards

Programme may be subject to amendment

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Course duration: 3 days


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