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Safe Working Practices (HSG85)

An essential one-day conference covering safe working practices around electricity at work, including the recommendations of the HSE Guidance Note HSG85.

This conference will update you on the latest in electrical safety and safe working practices, including safety rules, personal protective equipment, earthing and fault management.

You will gain an understanding of the design, use and application of safety rules, including the Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note, Electricity at Work – Safe Working Practices (HSG 85) and the levels of competence required for legal compliance. You will learn about earthing, earth testing and other electrical tests and measurements, and gain insight into the fault management system designed by EA Technology to help you safely investigate and rectify problems.

The conference will also introduce you to the use of personal protective equipment including arc flash protection.

  • Get updated on the latest in safety practices for electrical workers
  • Learn how to design and test earthing safety systems
  • Gain insight into HGS 85 the latest guidance from the Health and
  • Safety Executive
  • Enhance safety in the workplace for yourself and your colleagues
  • Discover the latest in personal protective equipment
  • Ensure compliance with the latest regulations and legal obligations

Day one

HSG 85 – Electrical Safety – Safe Working Practices

  • Introduction
  • Assessing safe working practices
  • Actions common to both dead and live working
  • Working dead
  • Working live
  • Examples and case histories

Safety Rules and Assessing Competence

  • Contents of safety rules
  • Definition of terms
  • Levels and types of authorisation
  • Planning work
  • Documentation including permits to work, sanctions to test, etc.
  • Interface issues
  • Examples and case histories

Earthing and Earth Testing

  • The role of earthing
  • Low voltage and high voltage earthing
  • Earth rise potential and social resistivity measurements
  • Design of earthing systems
  • UK earthing standards
  • Touch and step potentials
  • Earth resistance measurements

Safe Electrical Testing

  • Types of testing undertaken
  • Hazards associated with electrical testing
  • Safety precautions with HV testing
  • Safe testing areas, trailing leads
  • Equipment earthing and removal to facilitate testing
  • Earthing removal to facilitate testing

Fault Management – How to Manage Faults Safely

  • Why have a fault management system
  • Principles
  • Fault types & situations
  • Fault management process
  • Procedures
  • Test equipment
  • Safety considerations
  • Examples

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • The risk assessment process
  • Eliminating risk
  • Managing risk
  • Identifying the need for PPE
  • Types of PPE

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Course duration: 1 day


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EA Technology are accredited members of the CPD certification service. This course counts towards your planned CPD requirements.

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