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Switchgear Technology for Power Systems

Switchgear technology has developed enormously in recent years and power distribution network engineers are encountering problems and choices today that are vastly different from those of just a few years ago.

This course is designed to give both experienced and newly qualified engineers an essential update on the latest technology and practice in this area of expertise, to improve decision making for safe operation, maintenance and renewal.

The course covers a range of technical options and develops an understanding of switching phenomena essential for reliable system operation. The technology update will also give you an insight into future techniques and technology, by exploring new practices being developed to enhance system reliability.

Day one

Introduction to Switchgear

• Types of switchgear and their applications to

Switching Phenomena

• Interrupting currents
• DC components and waveform distortion
• X/R ratios

Air and Oil Switchgear

• The development and use of air and oil in
• Arc control

SF6 Switchgear

• Background and development of SF6 switchgear
• Design and Types of SF6 switchgear

Vacuum Switchgear

• Design features and vacuum integrity
• Contact geometry and materials
• Switchgear design

Standards and Procurement

• Switchgear standards and specifications
• Assessment and procurement issues

Retrofit Switchgear

• Issues

Day two

Fault Currents and Fault Level

• Properties of fault currents
• Introduction to fault level calculations

Switchgear Mechanisms

• The development of switchgear operating
• Differing requirements for operating energy
• Magnetic actuators

Switchgear Testing

• Type and routine testing
• Certification

Auto Reclosing and Network Automation

• Historical background
• Remote operation and monitoring

Failure Mechanisms and Analysis

• Procedures and techniques in failure analysis
• Causes of failure
• Decisions following analysis

Condition Assessment of Switchgear

• Failure prevention
• Assessment options

Technology Update

• Legislation
• Switchgear developments
• Protection control

Open Forum

Programme may be subject to amendment


Enhance your knowledge of switching phenomena and their impact on switchgear design

  • Understand problems and failure modes associated with switchgear
  • Maximise asset life and protect your company’s investment in critical switchgear assets
  • Minimise the risk that switchgear will fail to operate effectively when critically required
  • Develop the skills needed to specify and procure vital strategic assets
  • Reduce the risk of disruptive switchgear failure and associated financial loss
  • Enhance your ability to create and manage safe and reliable switchgear systems
  • Update your knowledge of the latest switchgear technology
  • Share best practice with leading switchgear engineers

EA Technology has extensive expertise in switchgear engineering and asset management, has pioneered condition assessment techniques and equipment, and is a leading centre for forensic investigation of switchgear faults at all voltages. Our training is delivered by leading specialists in the field.

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Course duration: 2 days


CPD Information


EA Technology are accredited members of the CPD certification service. This course counts towards your planned CPD requirements.

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