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Managed Development Programmes

Structured development routes for a range of power engineering roles and competence levels, including graduates, apprentices, new entrants and career changers.

Many employers are currently managing large-scale training requirements and working extremely hard to address structural skills imbalances in the workforce.

We have a track record of working with key employers in the industry to design, develop and deliver modular training programmes that provide structured development routes to specified levels of knowledge and professional competence.

Developing these kind of collaborative training partnerships with specialist providers can enable you to increase your training capacity and cost-effectively develop essential skill sets within your workforce. Without creating additional burdens on your own expertise and key staff, it can enable you to gain access to specialist training programmes and specialist trainers to deliver large scale programmes to meet critical training objectives.

Modular Development Programmes

The programmes can be tailored to your specific needs, comprising a range of modules covering core power engineering disciplines.

The programme’s flexibility allows you to specify a mix of modules that meet your organisation’s requirements and can incorporate links to your own operational practice and procedures. Specific outcomes can be tailored to fit your organisation’s and the learners’ needs.

The delivery schedule is also flexible to your operational requirements and training can be planned around the group’s needs, existing programmes and on-job development. Assessment mechanisms can also be built into the programme.

We are working with a number of key clients on up-skilling and new employee development projects including:-

If you have specific training requirements you would like to discuss – or are generally interested in how our modular development programmes may be able to assist with your organisation’s needs, please contact
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