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Wood Pole Inspection Service

Sharing our experience of  supporting the UK Electricity and Telecom Industries with the inspection and condition assessment of utility wood poles.

EA Technology utilise several instruments and tools for the inspection & assessment of wood pole degradation and decay (including microdrills, borers, etc) and also manufacture an instrument known as the Pole Ultrasonic Rot Locator (PURL).  The PURL has been developed and refined over many years.  It is an easy to use and rugged hand-held instrument using ultrasonic techniques to detect and locate rot in utility wooden poles.  With the use of accompanying software, a cross section of the pole can be produced and the residual strength of the pole calculated.


Clients can expect to gain the following benefits from an EA Technology survey:

EA Technology utilise experienced engineers who are fully qualified for pole climbing and working from heights, should climbing be required.

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